The following bylaws relate to municipal services within the Town. A complete list of bylaws that are accessible on our website is also available on the Town Hall Bylaws page.

Animal Control Bylaw

The Animal Control Bylaw [PDF - 256 KB] regulates the keeping of animals and animal nuisances, regulates the licensing of dogs, and provides for the operation of an animal pound.

Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw

The Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw [PDF - 268 KB] provides for the issuance of tickets for enforcement of Municipal Bylaws. View Royal's Bylaw Enforcement policy is linked closely with the provisions of the Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw.

Noise Bylaw

The Noise Bylaw [PDF - 40 KB] regulates the making or causing of noise, nuisance or sounds within View Royal. Enforcement of the Noise Bylaw is the responsibility of View Royal's Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Property Maintenance Bylaw

The Property Maintenance Bylaw [PDF - 49 KB] prescribes the standards for the maintenance of real property. Enforcement of the standards prescribed by the Property Maintenance Bylaw is the responsibility of View Royal's Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Residential Garbage and Household Food Waste Collection Bylaw

The Residential Garbage and Household Food Waste Collection Bylaw [PDF - 238 KB] regulates the collection and disposal of residential garbage and household food waste. For more information on garbage and food waste collection, including collection dates, see the Garbage, Recycling & Composting page.

Safe Premises Bylaw

The Safe Premises Bylaw [PDF - 123 KB] regulates properties regarding health and safety matters, including hazardous materials. Investigation and enforcement of the Safe Premises Bylaw may involve multiple agencies, such as the Protective Services Department, Bylaw Enforcement, the RCMP, and the Island Health.

Sanitary Sewer Bylaw

The Sanitary Sewer Bylaw [PDF - 217 KB] Sanitary Sewer Bylaw [PDF - 219 KB] regulates the provision, operation and administration of View Royal's sewerage system and provides for the collection of fees and charges.

Streets and Traffic Bylaw

The Streets and Traffic Bylaw [PDF - 199 KB] provides for general street regulations and for the regulation of vehicular traffic within View Royal. Enforcement of the Streets and Traffic Bylaw is conducted by View Royal's Bylaw Enforcement Officer and the RCMP.

Tax Rates Bylaw

The Tax Rates Bylaw [PDF - 305 KB] levies rates for municipal, regional district and hospital purposes each year. The Tax Rates Bylaw determines the amount that the Town charges residents and businesses for property taxes each year.