Garbage, Recycling, Lawn & Garden Waste Disposal

Garbage &  Household Food Waste Collection

Residential garbage and household food waste is collected once per week by the Town's contracted collection company, Waste Management. Garbage and household food waste is collected in separate containers, supplied by Waste Management, that are emptied by a truck using automated arms.

Each household is allowed to put out a maximum of 40 kg per container per week. Extra Bag Decals are available at the Town Hall if you have garbage or food waste in excess of the allowable weekly amount.

Please contact Waste Management directly at 250-652-6242 if your garbage or food waste has not been collected on any given week.

Collection Schedule & Regulations

Look up your collection day by Calendar and Map [PDF - 12.3 MB]  or by Street Name.pdf [PDF - 61 KB].

  • Please note that BPI Certified compostable bags are required for your household food waste. They must meet ASTM D6400-9 Standard Specifications for Compostable Plastics. These bags as well the plastic containers that store hosehold food waste can be purchased at various retail outlets such as Canadian Tire, Thrifty Foods, Home Depot, and Walmart.

For more information on garbage collection regulations, please view our Brochure [PDF - 12.3 MB]  and the Town's Residential Garbage and Household Food Waste Collection Bylaw [PDF - 238 KB].  For current garbage rates please click here [PDF - 28 KB].

Secondary Suites

Households with secondary suites are allowed one supplied container for garbage and one supplied container for food waste for the main residence. The owner of the property pays the fee for this collection service. A second set of containers is not supplied for the suite. Extra garbage and/or food waste generated by the secondary suite can be put in the containers for the main residence, as long as the waste is within the allowable weekly amount. If not, Extra Bag Decals must be adhered to each extra container or bag.

Condominium Buildings & Housing Co-ops
Residents who live in condominium buildings and housing co-ops are not able to participate in the household food waste collection program. Waste Management is unable to supply these types of residences with the separate outdoor individual containers due to logistics and lack of space. Also, Town garbage and food waste collection is combined into one price for taxes, so each home on the Town service gets charged one user fee. We are unable to administer a separate cost for food waste collection for residents in condo/co-op buildings. However, there are private companies who provide this service:

  • Community Composting - Collects green kitchen scraps only
  • reFUSE- Collects all organics material (household organics, commercial, soiled paper, yard and garden waste, etc.)

For more information on composting, please visit the CRD's website at

The Capital Regional District (CRD) operates a "blue box" recycling program. Curbside recycling is offered to all residents through the CRD Environmental Services Branch. Recycling for residents who live in condominium buildings and housing co-ops should speak with the building management to confirm if your building has contracted for recycling pick-up as condominium and housing co-op buildings are not included in curbside pickup.

For information about the program, including recycling schedules and recyclable materials, please visit the CRD's website or call 250-360-3030.

Blue boxes and bags are available at Town Hall or through the CRD's collecton contractor, Emterra Environmental, at 250-385-4399.

For a list of facilities that will take your metals, batteries, white goods and other recyclable refuse, click here.

Lawn & Garden Waste Disposal
The Town offers two options for lawn and garden waste disposal:

  • Composting

* Note:  The previous yard and garden waste drop off facility for View Royal residents at Canteen Road has been closed as of June 30th, 2016. The Canteen Road location had become uneconomical due to the volume of yard and garden material being processed and the need for the contractor to handle this material multiple times.

As of July 1st, 2016:

Residents of View Royal and Esquimalt can drop off yard and garden waste for composting at Trio Landscape Supply located at 109 Hallowell Road (at the corner of Admirals Road) across from the entrance to Admirals Walks Shopping Centre in View Royal. Trio is open 7 days per week including statutory holidays. For hours of operation, or for more information, please contact Trio Landscape Supply by phone at (250) 658-5235 or visit the website at  

There is no user fee at the gate for residents of View Royal and Esquimalt. Proof of residency is required by showing the facility operator valid vehicle registration. Residential decals for vehicle windshields are available at the facility for those residents who use the facility regularly.  The facility is operated by Ellice Recycle under contract to the Township of Esquimalt. View Royal in turn has an agreement with Esquimalt for residential use of the facility.

Should a resident require assistance with hauling materials from their residence to the facility, the resident must accompany the person dropping off the materials so that they can show their proof of residency. Notes or letters identifying materials as being from View Royal or Esquimalt properties will not be accepted.

For a fee, the facility accepts materials from non-resident property owners hauling from a residential or commercial property within the subject municipality, or from residents of the municipality who operate commercial hauling or lawn and garden businesses.

Materials allowed at the facility include grass clippings, leaves, soft garden materials, and branches and brambles up to 3 inches in diameter. Materials not allowed are soil, clay, rock, concrete, plastic pots and bags, stumps, pallets, lumber, plywood, pet excrement, paper, and gardening tools or ornaments.

Ellice Recycle also allows View Royal residents who have valid residential decals to drop off lawn and garden waste for no user fee at the Ellice Recycle facility located at 524 David Street. This facility is open 7 days a week and takes a variety of materials for recycling. Normal rates apply for the drop off of materials other than yard and garden waste.

For more information, please contact the facility by phone at (250) 220-2918 or visit the Ellice Recycle website at

  • Curbside Collection

Lawn and garden waste (grass, leaves, flowers, shrub clippings, weeds and small branches) is collected in November on Saturdays from the curbside of those View Royal residences that are part of the Town's Residential Garbage and Household Food Waste Collection Service.

For your collection day, please see the coloured leaves on the Residential Garbage and Organics Collection Calendar and Map [PDF - 12.3 MB].

The procedures to follow for this collection service are:

All items are to be placed at the end of your driveway at the curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the day of your collection. We will accept these items only:

GRASS, LEAVES, FLOWERS, SHRUB CLIPPINGS AND WEEDS: These are to be put into recyclable brown paper yard waste bags that weigh no more than 35 pounds each. Please shake off any extra soil attached to flowers and weeds to reduce the weight. NOTE: Invasive and noxious weeds, such as Scotch Broom, English Ivy, and Himalayan Blackberry, are not allowed in this collection service. They are allowed in Hartland Landfill and can be included in your weekly garbage.

BRANCHES: Branches are to be no longer than 3 feet in length, no more than 3 inches in diameter, and are to be bundled and then tied with string in bundles that weigh no more than 35 pounds each.

Each residence is allowed 5 of the above items in total. If you would like to put out more than this, you can purchase Extra Bag Decals for $3.00 each per bag or bundle, which are available at the Town Hall. If your lawn and garden waste does not comply with these regulations, it will not be picked up. This service does not include composted food materials.

NOTE: Private strata roads cannot accommodate the size of the lawn and garden waste collection truck. Residents on these roads should place their lawn and garden waste at the edge of the main road into the strata.