Town of View Royal Launches New Paperless Agenda Solution

The Town of View Royal is pleased to announce the launch of CivicWeb: a new web-based paperless agenda solution from iCompass Technologies.

The transition to a paperless agenda system is expected to benefit the Town of View Royal in a number of ways including:

  • a reduction in the number of paper agenda packages printed will save money and reduce our carbon footprint;
  • a reduction in agenda preparation time for staff; and
  • improved public access to information online by launching the public Document Centre.

In addition to facilitating the creation of a paperless agenda, CivicWeb provides a new public Document Centre that includes Council and Committee meeting agendas, reports and minutes, and also allows searchable access to full agenda packages and supporting items from previous and upcoming meetings.

CivicWeb provides the following features for residents of View Royal:

  • Access to upcoming meetings using the calendar feature;
  • Access to email notifications to receive a link to upcoming meeting agendas and reports;
  • Search tool for Council and Committee information on agendas, reports and minutes.

CivicWeb can be accessed through the Town’s website (, or by visiting

For more information:

  • Corporate Administration Department
    Phone: 250-479-6800
    Fax: 250-727-9551