BC Energy Step Code

The Town is committed to taking steps to increase energy-efficiency in new buildings. In July 2022, Town of View Royal Council adopted a new change to Building Bylaw No. 786, 2010.

Beginning on January 1, 2023, the Town is stepping up to Step Code 3 for Part 9 Buildings (single-family dwellings, duplexes, townhouses) and Step Code 2 for Part 3 Buildings (other residential and commercial buildings). 

This change will not affect existing in-stream building permit applications. However, building permits received after January 1, 2023 will need to design the building to the new Step Code requirements.

Through the BC Energy Step Code, the Province has established a series of performance requirements that will increase the energy efficiency of newly constructed buildings. The Province has created a goal that all new buildings will be net-zero energy-ready by 2032.

The Step Code is designed to attain building energy performance, and is designed through a set of incremental levels. The rationale for the change in requirements has been made to satisfy the Province’s goal of achieving net zero energy requirements through building code changes by 2032.

These changes at the provincial level align with View Royal’s commitment to reducing energy use and emissions, identified through the Town’s Official Community Plan, and the newly adopted Climate Action Strategy.

To comply with the BC Energy Step Code, builders will use energy software modeling and on-site testing to demonstrate that both their design and the constructed building meet the requirements of the standard. They may use any materials or construction methods to do so.

How-to Process Guides for Step Code

BC Energy Compliance Reports: What they are, Who they are for, How they can be used [PDF - 459 KB]
Pre-construction Compliance Report [PDF - 138 KB]
As-built Compliance Report [PDF - 142 KB]

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