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Understanding the development process can be confusing. There can be various stages that a development can appear before Council depending on what approvals are required. The same stages are required for a single family dwelling as a large scale development.   
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How does development happen?

In order for development to happen on any scale the project may require up to three or four applications. These applications happen in a specific order like a checklist. If the land/project already meets the prescribed criteria of that stage then it can skip that application and move to the next. The order is as follows:

1. Zoning Requirements - does the project meet its current zoning? If it doesn't it will require a Rezoning Application. This application speaks specifically to uses that are permitted like commercial, residential, industrial or a combination thereof.  It also determines the density that is permitted. Density is best illustrated in that low density = single/double unit per parcel. Medium = multiple units per parcel and High = multiple units with multiple floors. 

2. Official Community Plan(OCP) Requirements - An OCP Application is required IF there is a rezoning and the zoning being requested does not match the OCP. The OCP is a document created by the Town that identifies how and where they would like to see certain types of development should there be a rezoning. If a development is contrary to the plan it must ask Council for permission to amend the OCP to permit the development to proceed. This process looks at the appropriateness of the application in the area and the impacts it will create. 

3. Development Permit Requirements - This application is most common and happens for a variety of reasons. A Development Permit is used to look at the Form & Character or Environmental impacts of a development. This is the stage that the details of a developemnt are required. This application creates an approved document which then illustrates how a development will look as well as requirements the development must undertake. Details can include how a structure will look from choice of colour to landscaping and lighting. It may include other items like restoration or remediation requirements or site servicing requirments. This document is when a development has finally taken shape and the Town now knows what is expected to be constructed and how.

4. Development Variance Permit - This application is needed when your approved Development Permit needs to be changed or an element of your plan (other than density or use) doesn't meet the zoning requirements. A Development Variance  can apply to any type of project that is proposing to create or include something that is not allowed by the zoning for the property. 

Major Developments

View Royal has a number of approved large developments happening. Active and completed developments are included to help residents, real estate agents, and prospective and new residents review specifics on a particular development. 

Project Address


298 Island Hwy


54 Residential Units and 606m2 of Commercial space on ground floor.

Status: Rezoning Applicaton -  in progress

9 Erkine Lane

336 Residential Units (4 Bldgs)

13005m2 floor area

Status: Rezoning Application -  in progress


7 Erskine Lane


70 Condominium Units 

Status: Rezoning Complete

Development Permit  Application - in progress.

1950 West Park Lane 

Phase 1& 2 

Status: Under construction

Phase 3: Development permit - in progress

1450 Glentana Road - The Glen


50 Apartment Units (1 Bldg)

Status:Under Construction