Frequently Asked Questions

When is outdoor burning permitted?

There is no outdoor burning of any kind permitted in View Royal. This burning ban applies to both open air fires and fires in incinerators (including containers such as barrels and drums).

The burning ban does not apply to:

  • Indoor residential fireplaces or woodstoves or solid fuel burning appliances;
  • Outdoor gas-fired appliances;
  • Outdoor appliances that use charcoal briquettes;
  • Ceremonial burns on land receiving the Town's fire protection service under Esquimalt Indian Reserve Fire Protection Agreement Bylaw No. 192, 1994 and Songhees Indian Band Fire Protection Services Agreement Bylaw No. 336, 1998; or
  • Fires for the purposes of training the Town's Fire Department.

For more information on burning regulations, see the Town's Fire Services Bylaw. You can also contact the Fire Department by email or phone (250) 479-7322.

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I want to request a certified criminal record check, where do I apply?

If you live in View Royal, criminal record checks and fingerprinting services are provided by your local Westshore RCMP detachment. To apply for a criminal record check, contact the Westshore RCMP at 250-474-2264. For more information, including the Westshore detachment location and office hours, access the Westshore RCMP website.

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I would like to start a Neighbourhood Watch Program, what should I do?

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based crime prevention program which aims to improve the quality of life within a neighbourhood by minimizing preventable crime and promoting closer community ties. The program relies on the community and the police working together in a partnership to achieve these aims. A Neighbourhood Watch Committee, along with a Block Captain, host meetings to bring neighbours up to date on issues pertaining to their area. If you are interested in initiating a Neighbourhood Watch program in your area, you are encouraged to contact Community Policing Services at the West Shore RCMP
(telephone (250) 474-2264).

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What are the regulations for buying, selling and discharging fireworks?

The Town has a bylaw in place that regulates the purchase, sale and discharge of fireworks. If you are looking to discharge consumer fireworks within View Royal, you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older and you must have a valid permit from the Town. The fee for a consumer fireworks permit is $10.00 but may be waived if you have completed the Fireworks Safety Course conducted by the Fire Department. For more details regarding consumer fireworks permits and the Fireworks Safety Course, contact the Fire Department by email or phone at 250-479-7322.

If you are looking to host an event where display fireworks will be discharged, you will need to submit an application for a permit no less than thirty (30) days before the scheduled event. Before you decide to hold a fireworks event, please contact our Fire Prevention Officer by email or phone at 250-479-7322.

For more information on buying and discharging fireworks, see the Town's Fireworks Regulation Bylaw.

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Do I need to have smoke alarms in my house?

Yes. View Royal's Smoke Alarm Bylaw requires that every home must have a smoke alarm located on each floor within a building. In addition, property owners are required to perform an annual test on each smoke alarm to ensure that it is working properly. For smoke alarms that are battery powered, the batteries must be replaced each year.

Click here to view the Town's Smoke Alarm Bylaw.

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How can I arrange a tour of the Fire Hall for my community group?

The Fire Department conducts tours of the Fire Hall on an as-requested basis. These tours generally must be arranged at least two weeks in advance by contacting the Fire Department by email or phone 250-479-7322.

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How can I become a volunteer fire fighter?

The Fire Department is always looking for new recruits. If you are interested in volunteering with the Fire Department, complete the Volunteer Firefighter Application Form [PDF - 159 KB] and submit it attention 'Fire Recruitment', to the Town Hall located at 45 View Royal Avenue.

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer firefighter, contact the Fire Department by email or phone at 250-479-7322.

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Why and when does a Fire Inspector inspect my building?

Fire inspections, both for safety and insurance purposes, are done annually for commercial occupancies in the Town. Additional inspections are available upon request. Inspections are conducted free of charge at this time.

For inspections, please contact the Fire Department by email or call 250-479-7322.

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What are the Town's regulations for the installation of fireplaces or wood stoves?

To install a fireplace or a wood stove, you must obtain a building permit (the fee for which is $50.00). Building inspectors inspect any fireplace or wood stove that is newly installed. Inspections are conducted per the current BC Building Code and manufacturers specifications. A WETT certificate will be required at time of inspection.

For further information about fireplaces or wood stoves and building permit requirements, contact us or call the Building Department at 250-708-2256.

If you require information about gas fireplaces, including permits and inspections, contact Technical Safety BC.

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What are the regulations for either above ground or underground storage tanks for flammable and combustible fuels (excluding residential oil tanks)?

The installation, use and removal of any storage tanks for flammable and combustible fuels (except for residential oil tanks) are regulated by the British Columbia (BC) Fire Code. For information, including required permits, please contact the Fire Department by email or call 250-479-7322.

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What are the regulations for either above ground or underground residential oil tanks?

Regulations for residential oil tanks are outlined in Appendix CAN/CSA-B139-M "Installation Code for Oil Burning Equipment" of the BC Fire Code. If you are installing an oil tank on your property, contact the Fire Department by email or phone 250-479-7322 to confirm regulation requirements.

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