Home Owner Grant

Provincial Home Owner Grants are available to Canadian citizens or Landed immigrants who reside permanently in British Columbia. The Home Owner Grant is designed to help homeowners reduce their property taxes. To qualify for the Home Owner Grant, you must occupy an eligible residence and it must be your primary residence.

There are two categories of Home Owner Grants: regular and additional. The regular grant (also called basic grant) may reduce your taxes by as much as $570. On top of the regular grant, you may qualify for the additional grant which may reduce your taxes by as much as $845. Click here for eligibility requirements.

If you are eligible for the Home Owner Grant, the completed application is due by the property tax due date. Should you fail to apply before taxes are due, a penalty is applied to any unpaid portion of your property taxes, including the portion covered by the Home Owner Grant.

Starting in 2021, homeowners apply directly to the Province for the Home Owner Grant instead of through the municipal office. Homeowners can apply for a Home Owner Grant by using the Province's online system or by phone. 

For more information about the Home Owner Grant application process including how to apply, visit https://gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant or call 1-888-355-2700.