Documents, Reports & Presentations

The Official Community Plan (OCP) provides a long-term vision and policies for the Town, which will guide future planning and land use decisions. The OCP review will bring together many plans, reports, strategies and will provide an overarching guide for Town business for the coming decade.

Documents Related to the View Royal OCP Update

Town of View Royal Official Community Plan 2011
View Royal Strategic Plan 2019-2022
Transportation Master Plan 2016
Drainage Master Plan 2017
Sanitary Master Plan 2018
Parks Master Plan 2018
CRD Regional Growth Strategy 2018
Housing Needs Assessment Report 2020
Land Economics Study 2021
Climate Action Strategy Coming Soon

OCP Update Reports & Presentations

OCP Consultation Strategy [PDF - 2 MB] August 2021
OCP Consultation “What we Heard” Report #1 [PDF - 9 MB] December 2021
OCP Draft Vision and Goals December 2021
OCP Consultation “What we Heard” Report #2 February 2022
Draft Official Community Plan  March 2022
Draft Land Use Designations & Growth Map  March 2022