View Royal Park - Bike Park

During the 2018-2022 financial plan deliberations, Council set aside $50,000 in 2018, and $100,000 in 2019 as a placeholder to fund a bike park in View Royal Park, subject to public consultation. The Town asked for comments and feedback from the public regarding the potential installation of a bike park in View Royal Park. The online survey is closed; thanks to everyone who participated!

Survey Results & Update

The Town received a total of 435 responses to the survey with a 89.6% response of YES to having a bike park in View Royal Park. The clear choice of various bike park options presented in the survey was Option 1: Pump Track (see below) with the suggestion to incorporate a Bike Skills component as well.

This fall, Council will make a final decision about the potential bike park. If Council chooses to proceed, preliminary design and construction of the bike park would begin shortly after.

Option 1: Pump Track - A continuous circuit of dirt rollers, berms and jumps that loops back on itself allowing you to ride continuously with little to no peddling. This option can be dirt or paved. Although the cost of initial construction of a paved pump track is significantly higher, it is a lot less maintenance intensive. A dirt pump track would be successful with a committed group of volunteers to maintain the track on a weekly basis.


*Great for all ages
*Popular with most kids
*As skills grow, track rides differently
*Able to sustain interaction with various skill level riders
*Can also be used for scooters and skateboards
*Quiet (other than kids having fun)

*No jumps until skill level is high
*No skill stations for individual skill acquisition

*Can also be used for scooters and skateboards