Shoreline Trail Celebration Event - June 12

The Shoreline Trail Celebration, hosted by the Town of View Royal, is to recognize the combined efforts of the Capital Regional District (CRD), School District 61 (SD61), and the Town of View Royal to construct a new trail behind Shoreline Community School (see map - click to enlarge).

Date: June 12, 2015
Time: 2:15pm – 4:00pm
Location: Ecole Shoreline Community Middle School, 2750 Shoreline Drive

The CRD adjusted the design of the new Craigflower Pump Station to include the trail, while the Town of View Royal contributed both construction funds and a commitment for ongoing maintenance. SD61 granted permission for this community trail to be located on School District property.  

The community has been very enthusiastic about this project. Both the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club and the school’s Parent Advisory Council wrote letters of support to SD61encouraging its development. 

This has local, regional and cultural significance, renewing a historic amenity. An 1860 map shows that a ‘portage trail’ between Esquimalt Harbour and Portage Inlet existed for First Nations and early settlers.

This trail provides a convenient scenic shortcut for Shoreline Drive residents to access Portage Park, and a connector to the new E&N Rail Trail (Phase 2 opened May 25, 2015). It is an easier route for many students to get to school and will serve as a significant section of the school’s jogging circuit for their physical education program. The Shoreline Trail also creates the western end of a circular kayak / canoe portage recreational route from downtown Victoria to View Royal.  

The celebration will include speeches, cake, and a walk to tour the nearly completed CRD Craigflower Pump station.

For more information:

  • Malcolm Cowley, CRD Project Manager, 250-360-3066
  • Nadine Naughton, Principal, Shoreline Community School, 250-386-8367
  • Cam Pinkerton, Associate Superintendent, SD61, 778-677-8273
  • John Rogers, Councillor, Town of View Royal, 250-727-7736