Stoneridge Wetland Dredging and Remediation – Phase 2

You may recall that the Town carried out drainage remediation and restoration work in 2012 at the Stoneridge Wetland marsh habitat located at the eastern boundary of the Stoneridge Subdivision. This year, we’re undertaking another phase of restoration of this wetland marsh.

The remediation and restoration work will entail excavation (dredging) to create open water spaces in the main wetland area to the northwest, removing accumulated sediments and invasive vegetation from the site, and replanting disturbed areas with native sedge and shrub plant species. For the dredging work, specialized equipment designed for working in wetland environments will be used, as well as dump trucks which will haul waste from the site.

The dredging will start next Tuesday, September 8th and will take approximately four weekdays to complete. Please note that the walkway along the wetland will be closed to pedestrian traffic for the duration of this work. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Due to this environmentally sensitive area, the Ministry of Environment has been notified and has approved the remediation. An Environmental Mitigation Plan will be in effect and the Town has retained a Qualified Environmental Professional who will be in attendance for the duration of the excavation to monitor the work. This environmental consultant will also be responsible for overseeing the site restoration and vegetation planting, which will take place in later September.

Note that the dredging work is dependent on dry weather - if it rains, the work will not take place as per Ministry of Environment regulations, in which case it will be rescheduled to the forecasted next dry day.

A section of retaining wall and short section of split-rail wood fencing will also be installed in the weeks following the dredging.

Please contact the Town’s Engineering Department at 250.479.6800 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project.