Town of View Royal and Waste Management Debut “Clean Air” Waste Collection Truck


Town of View Royal and Waste Management Debut
 “Clean Air” Waste Collection Truck

 View Royal, June 9th, 2015 - The truck that collects garbage and organics (kitchen scraps) in the Town of View Royal is now cleaner and quieter, thanks to a new sustainability initiative from the Town of View Royal and Waste Management.

 As of today, Waste Management is servicing View Royal with a new “clean air” truck, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) for a smaller carbon footprint. The truck is delivering distinct environmental benefits for the Town, including nearly zero air particulate and 23% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The engine also runs quieter than the traditional diesel engine, resulting in a quieter truck and less noise in neighbourhoods.   

Mayor David Screech and Alex  Limongelli of Waste Management officially christened the new truck at an outdoor celebration on May 29th with children at the View Royal Elementary School in View Royal.

“This initiative with Waste Management is really all about cleaner air and quieter streets,” said Mayor Screech. “It is another opportunity to improve the quality of life for View Royal citizens, and an important step forward for this community’s sustainable future.”

Alex Limongelli of Waste Management congratulated the Town of View Royal and made note of the fact that the Town is a model of sustainability as well as a leader in waste reduction.

“Waste Management understands that waste reduction and clean air are both critically important to the Town of View Royal,” Limongelli said. “This is another Waste Management investment to help our community partners achieve their sustainability goals.”