Westside Solutions Announces Potential Wastewater Treatment Sites

Westside Solutions (the Westside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee), today announced the location of 20 potential wastewater treatment sites in the westside communities. These sites represent the full list of potential sites developed through technical analysis.

The sites are grouped into six “nodes” across the westside, comprising:

  • two sites in Langford,
  • two sites in South Colwood,
  • four sites in Central Colwood,
  • five sites in North Colwood,
  • ·one site in View Royal, and
  • four sites in Esquimalt with one site in Esquimalt Nation.

Westside Solution options for wastewater treatment and resource recovery could be any combination of 1 - 4 sites. The intent of providing these sites is to give the public a more comprehensive look at what possible opportunities there are for narrowing sites and scenarios.  Further public input will help the Westside Select Committee decide which sites and treatment scenarios to put forward for a more detailed technical and costing analysis over the summer. 

The sites and scenarios will be presented at a public open house planned for June 24th at the Delta Ocean Point Hotel’s Harbour Room in Victoria. This will be a joint event with the Eastside Select Committee, who will also present their site groupings and scenarios.

For more information and site profiles, visit www.westsidesolutions.ca.