CREST Mono-pole Installation at Public Safety Building

This week, CREST has begun to install the communications mono-pole behind the View Royal Public Safety Building to improve emergency communications coverage in View Royal.

The mono-pole is 154ft (47m) high with a diameter of 3.4ft (1m). It will be set into a concrete pad and bolted into the ground. The total footprint of the installation is approximately 50sq ft (4.6sq m). Supporting infrastructure will be contained in an 8ft x 6ft (2.4m x 1.8m) container adjacent to the installation.

The mono-pole will address the issue of gaps in emergency coverage in View Royal. Emergency responders – fire, police and ambulance – are fully supportive of having this mono-pole installed as it will enable them to better serve and protect residents throughout the community.

Capital Region Emergency Services Telecommunications (CREST) provides emergency radio communications for 50 emergency response agencies in B.C.’s Capital Region. This includes fire departments, police departments and ambulance services. Over 7.5 million calls per year go through the system, or one call every four seconds.

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