2021 Citizen Budget Engagement Tool

As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to transparency and engaging with residents, the Town of View Royal is inviting you to provide your input and voice your opinions on the annual budget prior to final adoption of the 2021-2025 Financial Plan using the 2021 Citizen Budget engagement tool (Citizen Budget).

Citizen Budget allows participants to enter their property value and allocate their personal tax bill across the various municipal departments. It demonstrates how the choices you make in each area could affect your tax bill if those changes were implemented and also suggests some of the potential implications your changes could have to the affected services.


  • Increased citizen engagement and improved community relations;
  • A better-informed taxpayer who has greater understanding of the municipal budgeting process;
  • Enables citizens to provide assistance to municipal officials in making difficult decisions, especially when dealing with limited public resources; and
  • Provides citizens an opportunity to learn about local government and to deliberate, debate, and potentially influence the allocation of public resources.

Click here to launch the Citizen Budget Engagement Tool.

The deadline to participate is 4:30pm, Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Results collected by Citizen Budget will be considered by Council and shared with the public prior to adoption of View Royal's 2021-2025 Financial Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF - 152 KB]

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