Winter Snow & Ice Reminders

With the winter season upon us, bringing the possibility of snowfall and inclement weather, the Town would like to ensure everyone's safety by reminding View Royal residents and businesses of our Streets and Traffic Regulation Bylaw No. 609 which states that:

“Every person being an occupant or owner of any property abutting or fronting upon a portion of a sidewalk shall cause such portion of the sidewalk to be cleared and kept clear of all snow, ice, dirt, litter and rubbish, and shall dispose of the same otherwise than leaving it upon the street.”


  • We ask that you kindly help your elderly or handicapped neighbours who may need assistance with snow and ice removal.
  • We encourage residents to use environmentally friendly ice melting products. Products that are corrosive are not acceptable as they can harm the environment and the sidewalks themselves.
  • The Town will make every effort to keep intersections, high-use bus stops and crosswalks clear of snow and ice.
  • The Town uses Victoria Contracting & Municipal Maintenance Corporation (VCMMC) to salt, plow and clear snow from all the roads within the Town (with the exception of private strata roads).
  • In the event of a snowfall, we remind residents not to leave their vehicles parked on the travelled portion of the roads so that the snow plows can negotiate the roads and get them cleared as quickly as possible. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The "right" way to clear your driveway or private road: Push the snow to the right of your driveway (facing the road from your home) so that when the snow plow comes by, it does not plow any excess snow across your driveway entrance or private road access.


Please note that in the event of a heavy snowstorm or icy road conditions, our garbage collection contractor, Waste Management, may not be able to service certain customers due to safety or access reasons. Waste Management will collect any missed garbage as soon as they can safely do so. Please provide clear and safe access to garbage totes to ensure uninterrupted service.


Use of winter tires for improved driving safety is highly recommended. Winter tires are now
mandatory for travelling on the Trans-Canada Highway over the Malahat. For more information on winter driving, please visit:



For more information: