New Traffic Signal Phase for Galloping Goose Trail Crossing - Burnside Rd W & Watkiss Way

The Town has previously implemented a phased approach in upgrading the intersection at Burnside Road W and Watkiss Way in response to collision statistics, user feedback, and an increase in active travelers using the Galloping Goose Regional Trail (GGRT).

Funded in part through ICBC’s 2023 Road Improvement Program, the Town will now be moving forward with fully activating a dedicated crossing phase for the GGRT at this intersection.

Changes to the traffic signal timing are fully supported by an engineering traffic study and are expected to reduce conflicts between motorist and trail users while minimizing disruptions to the existing roadway traffic patterns.

What to Expect

  • When the new signal phase is active, all roadway traffic will be held on a red light while trail users are given a green 'bicycle' light and a white 'walking person' light to cross;
  • During the new signal phase, right-hand turns will be momentarily prohibited from Watkiss Way east to south bound onto Burnside Road W, and from Burnside Road W north to east bound onto Watkiss Way (see image below); 
  • This change is expected to take effect on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. 

New Turning Restrictions