View Royal Accelerates Zero Carbon Step Code Implementation

The Town’s Community Climate Action Strategy and Community Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Plan prioritizes a low-carbon approach and a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in new buildings. By achieving these policy objectives, the Town is accelerating the implementation of the Province’s Zero Carbon Step Code. 

"View Royal Council voted unanimously to shift from natural gas to heat pumps as it demonstrates the commitment of Council to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This move aligns with global efforts to transition to cleaner energy sources and mitigate the adverse effects of fossil fuel use. This decision reflects the will of residents, our advisory committees, our children and several other municipalities in the region." - Mayor Tobias

The Zero Carbon Step Code is a new Provincial regulation in the BC Building Code that came into effect May 1, 2023, to limit GHG emissions from new buildings, which local governments may voluntarily opt into early. The Zero Carbon Step Code specifically sets a maximum annual amount of GHG emissions that each building is allowed to emit. This differs from the BC Energy Step Code, which regulates the energy efficiency of new buildings.

View Royal Council adopted the following Zero Carbon Step Code implementation schedule:

Building Code - Building Type Level Implementation Date
Part 9 - Houses, duplexes, multiplexes, and townhouses Level 4: Zero Carbon Performance* November 1, 2023
Part 3 - Residential buildings of six-storeys or less Level 4: Zero Carbon Performance* July 1, 2024
Part 3 - Residential buildings greater than six-storeys, and commercial buildings Level 4: Zero Carbon Performance* November 1, 2024

*in most cases, Level 4: Zero Carbon Performance will require the full electrification of a building (i.e. space and water heating, and cooking ranges)

Zero Carbon Step Code Frequently Asked Questions [PDF - 593 KB]

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