Sewer Utility Invoices

The 2019 sewer utility invoices have been mailed out to all homeowners in View Royal. Sewer utility invoices are due Friday, November 29, 2019. Any balances outstanding will be transferred to arrears property taxes, effective January 1, 2020. 

Strata Developments with only one water meter will receive one sewer utility invoice for the entire Strata complex. Individual unit owners in these Strata Developments do not receive individual invoices. Strata Developments that have a water meter for each strata unit will have the sewer utility invoices go to each individual unit owner.

The consumption portion of your sewer utility invoice is based on the previous November to April water consumption. If you experienced a water leak, your utility invoice will be affected and you may qualify for a leak adjustment. Please click here to review the leak adjustment policy for eligibility requirements, and keep all records pertaining to the leak. This will help us in assisting you through the adjustment process.

Access your sewer utility account information online and sign up for electronic billing! Log in securely to your account to find out if we’ve processed your payment, check your balance, access historical transactions, view or print your invoice and manage invoice delivery preferences. Access Online Services by clicking here and use your unique access PIN and account number shown on your invoice.

A friendly reminder that the homeowner or occupant of the home is responsible for the proper use of the sewer system. Please help keep the municipal sewer system working as designed and maintenance costs to a minimum by NOT flushing these items! Flushing these items causes our sewer main pumps to be jammed repeatedly, which results in increased maintenance costs to YOU the user:

*Grease and oil *Cooking fat  *Cat litter
*Paint *Wipes (all kinds)  *Chemicals
*Glass *Human or pet hair *Underwear
*Mop heads *Feminine hygiene products *Plastic bags
*Dental floss *Cotton swabs *Condoms
*Diapers *Flammable substances  *Elastic bands
*Paper towels *Hand or beach towels  
*Cleaning cloths (Swiffer, J-Cloths) *Construction material (drywall dust, grout, etc.) *Abrasives (sand, steel wool, etc.)

If you have any questions about your sewer utility invoice, or if you haven't received your invoice by October 31, 2019, please contact the Finance Department at 250-708-2270 or