User Fees

The following are user fees reflected on your property tax notice or billed on a separate user fee invoice. These fees are different from fees applied to property development, known as Development Cost Charges.

Water User Fees

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Water Services provides municipal water to the Town of View Royal. To access their water accounts web page, please click here.

You may contact CRD Water Services at 250-474-9600.

Any water user fee unpaid by December 31st of any year it is due shall be deemed taxes in arrears on the land or real property on which the fee is imposed.

Sewer User Fees

Sewer User Fees are invoiced to property owners in October of each year.

What does the sewer utility invoice pay for?

The Town of View Royal's annual sewer utility invoice pays for the operation and maintenance costs related to the use of the sanitary sewer collection system and sewer pump stations owned and operated by the Town of View Royal. The Town also recovers a share of the operating costs, capital contributions and debt costs relating to the sewer trunk mains, pump stations and wastewater treatment plant owned and operated by the Capital Regional District (CRD) that move sewage from the View Royal collection systems to the regional treatment centre and outfall. Prior to 2020, CRD costs were recovered through the CRD sewer tax, which was collected on the annual property tax notice.

View Royal's sewer system consists of approximately 50 kilometres of pipeline and 17 pump stations which are electronically monitored on a continual basis. All sewage from View Royal flows through the CRD sewage system through the Craigflower pump station at Shoreline Drive and then on to the wastewater treatment plant.

The 2021 Sewer Utility invoice will be issued in October with payment due on November 30, 2021. If you have not received your invoice by October 31, 2021, please contact the Finance Department at 250-708-2270 or email

Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions - Sewer Utility Fees.

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If you experienced a water leak during the consumption period used to calculate your sewer utility invoice, view the Sewer User Fee Adjustments due to Water Leaks Policy [PDF - 21 KB] and Application Form.

Click here [PDF - 197 KB] to access Sanitary Sewer Rates and Regulations Bylaw No. 397, 2000 and Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 958, 2016,Amendment Bylaw No. 1077, 2021.

Click here to view Payment Options to pay your sewer utility invoice.

Garbage and Household Food Waste Collection User Fees

Residential garbage and household food waste collection fees are entered on the tax roll as a separate line item on the annual property tax notice.  The Town's  Garbage and Household Food Waste Collection Bylaw [PDF - 97 KB] details the service fees for garbage and household food waste collection.

For information on services for new dwelling units and discontinuation of user fees, click here [PDF - 38 KB] to access the User Fees Factsheet.