Report a Problem

Drain ValleyTo report a problem related to View Royal services such as road safety, street signage, parking, sewer and drainage, boulevard maintenance, trees, and bylaw issues, please complete an Online Request Form.

How to use the Online Request Form to Report a Problem:

  1. Select "Choose a Topic" from the Selection Area;
  2. From the Topic drop down list, select the topic that best identifies your problem;
  3. If the topics in the list do not accurately reflect your problem, select "General Inquiries";
  4. Alternately, you can select "Choose a Department" from the Selection Area from the Department drop down list;
  5. Fill out the Name, Email, Phone, and Address boxes listed;
  6. Enter your comments and/or a description of the problem in detail in the Message box and specify the exact location of the area where the problem exists;
  7. Click Submit.