Garbage & Household Food Waste Collection

Residential garbage and household food waste (kitchen scraps) is collected once per week by the Town's contracted collection company, Waste Management. Garbage and household food waste is collected in separate containers, supplied by Waste Management, that are emptied by a truck using automated arms. 

All households (including those with secondary suites) are only allowed one supplied container for garbage and one supplied container for food waste. Extra bag decals are available for purchase at Town Hall if you have garbage or food waste in excess of the allowable weekly amount.

Collection Schedule

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Garbage Waste Collection

Each household is allowed to put out a maximum of 40kg of waste per container per week. Extra bag decals are available for purchase at Town Hall if you have garbage in excess of the allowable weekly amount.

Household Food Waste (Kitchen Scraps) Collection

Please note that BPI Certified compostable bags are required for your household food waste. They must meet ASTM D6400-9 Standard Specifications for Compostable Plastics. These bags as well the plastic containers that store household food waste can be purchased at various retail outlets such as Canadian Tire, Thrifty Foods, Home Depot, and Walmart.

Please note, the household food waste collection program is not available to residents who live in condominium buildings and housing co-ops due to logistics and lack of space. However, there are private companies who provide this service:

  • Community Composting - Collects green kitchen scraps and yard waste together
  • reFUSE- Collects all organics material (household organics, commercial, soiled paper, yard and garden waste, etc.)

Managing Wildlife Attractants

The Town does not provide 'bear-proof containers', however homeowners can adopt additional strategies to mitigate wildlife attractants.

Visit for tips and more information.

Missed Collection?

Please report all missed collections directly to Waste Management:

  • Email:
    In the subject line, please include: "Town of View Royal Residential Customer Victoria British Columbia Canada – Your Address/Your Phone Number"

  • Phone: 250-652-6242
    Calls will be answered Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

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