Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact about garbage pick-up?

For all garbage pick-up inquiries phone Waste Management directly at 250-652-6242. If you continue to experience difficulty or the problem is not resolved, please contact the Town at 250-708-2258.

Residents may dispose of household organic food waste separately from their garbage. This waste is picked up by Waste Management at the same time as regular garbage.

Who do I contact about recycling?

All recycling inquiries can be directed to CRD recycling at 250-360-3030 or visit their website.

When is my recycle pick-up day?

The CRD website lists the recycling days for all residents within the capital region. Visit the CRD website and enter your address to find out your recycle pick-up day.

Where can I pick up decals for extra garbage containers?

Decals for extra garbage containers can be picked up at Town Hall at 45 View Royal Avenue. The cost is $3.50 per decal.

What can I do with my lawn and garden waste?

Residents of View Royal can drop off their lawn and garden waste for no charge upon proof of View Royal residency. Visit the Lawn & Garden Waste Disposal page for drop off locations. Lawn and garden waste is also collected annually in November on Saturdays. For your collection day, please see Lawn & Garden Waste Curbside Collection.

Who issues electrical and gas permits?

These permits are issued by Technical Safety BC. Applications for permits are available on their website or contact them at 1-866-566-7233.

Who do I contact about water services?

All questions related to water service and billing should be directed to CRD Water at 250-474-9600 or visit the CRD Water Services website.

Who do I call about animal control?

Animal control is managed by the CRD Bylaw and Animal Care Services. They can be reached at 250-478-0624 or the CRD Animal Services website.

Can I beautify the boulevard in front of my property?

Yes! The Town encourages residents to beautify their boulevards after first contacting the Engineering Department by emailing or phone at 250-708-2258 to acquire a permit. This permit is free of charge but allows the Town to let residents know of regulations and issues such as underground pipes that may be in the boulevard.

Can I close the drainage ditch in front of my property?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis. Property owners looking to close the drainage ditch in front of their property for the purpose of relocating a driveway or adding additional parking spaces must contact the Engineering Department by emailing or phone at 250-708-2258 for approval. Town staff will require a detailed plan showing the proposed works before a decision can be made.

Are the services the Town provides different if I live in a strata?

Yes. The primary difference in services provided by the Town is in the area of road maintenance. Since strata roads are privately owned by the strata corporation. As such, the Town does not provide road maintenance services such as sweeping, snow clearing and street lighting repairs. For inquiries regarding services related to strata properties, contact the Engineering Department by emailing or phone at 250-708-2258.

Who is responsible for providing water in View Royal?

View Royal is connected to the Capital Regional District (CRD) water system. Most residents and businesses in the Town are on metred water services and receive direct billing from CRD Water for water consumption. For more information on CRD water-related issues, access the CRD Water Services website.

Where can I access tree removal or alteration permits?

If you have a tree on your property that you would like to remove or alter, you must first determine if you require a permit. The Town has designated certain trees as protected, significant, or as replacement trees which require permits prior to any alterations or removal. Check the Town's Tree Removal or Alteration requirements before proceeding with any plans for removing or altering trees on your property. Contact the Engineering Department at or 250-708-2258 if you have any questions.

Where can I access Engineering permits including driveway access and sewer and drainage connection permits?

Applications for driveway access permits, sewer connection permits and drainage connection permits are available at

I can't make it to Town Hall when it is open. How can I make a payment to the Town?

If you would like to drop off a payment while Town Hall is closed, feel free to drop it off in an envelope in the drop box slot located at the left side of the main Town Hall doors. Alternatively, some payments such as property taxes and sewer user fees can be made directly at your banking institution or through online banking services. 
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