Joint Statement from MLA Mitzi Dean and Mayor Screech regarding COVID-19

During these unprecedented and uncertain times we, as your government representatives, are working hard to ensure a coordinated and timely response for our community.

While we have heard heartbreaking stories, we have also been so impressed by how people have come together to support one another. We've been inspired by neighbours helping neighbours; there have been countless heartwarming examples of hope and positivity.

Many businesses have had to curtail their normal operations, but people are finding creative ways to keep going. By implementing distancing protocols, installing plexiglass barriers at checkout, and limiting the number of people in store, businesses are adapting to our new normal. If you are able, consider supporting local businesses by continuing to buy and order from them arranging for pick up or delivery when possible, purchase gift certificates or pre-purchase services such as haircuts, manicures and massages, and pick regional or Island-based farmers and producers when you shop.

Here are some of the ways your provincial and municipal governments are working to support people and businesses in View Royal.

In order to help support businesses the province is reducing the school property tax rate for commercial properties by an average of 25 percent. This will help local enterprises stay afloat during this trying time. The Township of View Royal Council and staff have worked hard to keep the increase of property taxes to just 1.5 percent and have extended the penalty date for all classes until Oct 1st.

Our community gardens are vital for ensuring food security and fostering inclusion. We have identified ways these important fixtures in our community can re-open safely, while following provincial health guidelines.

Thank you to everyone for doing your part to keep our community safe. By taking a collaborative approach we are charting a path forward together.

Our offices are open remotely – please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Mayor David Screech                              MLA Mitzi Dean

45 View Royal Avenue                            1497 Admirals Road #104                                                    250-812-2782                                          250-952-5885