New Changes to Town of View Royal Sewer Utility Invoices

Starting this year, Town of View Royal sewer utility invoices will also include Capital Regional District (CRD) sewer costs. You may have noticed that the CRD sewer tax was missing on your 2020 property tax notice. CRD sewer costs will now be based solely on your metered water consumption (rather than on the assessed value of your home) and these charges will appear only on your sewer utility invoice.

Basing sewer charges on water consumption is considered a best practice, transparent to all property owners, and is more equitable than basing costs on assessed property value. This system has the most direct relationship to the actual sewage use and is the closest to a user-pay relationship. In addition, it will allow users to potentially reduce their CRD sewer costs by reducing water consumption.

Please click here to visit the User Fees page for additional details.

The 2020 Town of View Royal sewer utility invoices will be issued in October with payment due in December. If you have not received your invoice by October 31, 2020, please contact the Finance Department.

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