New Budget Variance Dashboard Now Available

Citizens are now able to access detailed information about the Town of View Royal’s budget and finances with the Budget Variance Dashboard (the Dashboard). The Dashboard is a new online tool that provides transparency and accountability to citizens regarding municipal revenue and spending. The Budget Variance Dashboard – one of the first of its kind in Canada – provides detailed financial and operating information important to local government and citizens.  

“One of the hallmarks of Council is our commitment to providing our citizens with a high level of transparency about the work we do on their behalf. This Dashboard is a testament to that commitment, and to the level of transparency we aspire to achieve.” -Mayor David Screech.

The Dashboard describes up-to-date financial information on operating revenue and expenses and provides metrics on non-core (service level changes, infrequent or one-time expenditures) and capital projects. The data includes a current and prior year overview that illustrates trends over multiple years.  

It’s important that the community holds us accountable to stewarding their financial resources and that they receive regular reports on our progress. By regularly sharing detailed budget information with the community, we aim to build trust with our residents and demonstrate how we work to meet our financial goals.” -Kim Anema, Chief Administrative Officer.

Dashboard visitors can drill down on operating revenue and expense for all services, through to categories within each service area, and the status, schedule, and project summaries for 42 key projects in the current budget. Financial information will be refreshed weeklywith regular progress updates on projects from across the organization.

Open the Budget Variance Dashboard

The Dashboard is accompanied by an instructional video that gives a tour of the Dashboard, showing new users how to navigate and interact with the information. Questions or comments about the Dashboard or its content can be emailed to

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