Register for the New Westshore Public Alert Notification System

View Royal residents are invited to sign up for the improved Westshore Public Alert Notification System (PANS)

During emergencies or disasters, PANS will keep you informed of emergency information and how to stay safe.

Sign up to receive critical alerts for major emergencies and disasters (ie. tsunami, earthquake, wildfire) and/or lower severity alerts (ie. traffic, weather). You can also choose to receive notifications for more than one location such as your home, office, cottage, family, friends, etc. 

Alerts can be delivered by text, phone call, email, and/or smartphone app. 

If you previously signed up to receive PANS notifications (ie. prior to April 2021) you will need to re-subscribe to the new platform in order to continue receiving alerts. Existing PANS subscribers who do not re-subscribe before July 26, 2021 will no longer receive emergency alerts. 

Sign-up for the new platform today!

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