Garbage Collection Service - Resident Reminders

The Town’s contractor for garbage collection and disposal, Waste Management, would like to pass on some reminders to View Royal residents regarding their weekly curbside garbage and kitchen scraps collection service.

Extra Bag Decals

Each dwelling unit is entitled to the collection of one (1) Garbage container and one (1) Kitchen Scraps container (both supplied by Waste Management). Any refuse in excess of this amount MUST be labelled with an Extra Bag Decal placed on each extra bag. Extra Bag Decals can be purchased at Town Hall for $3.00 each.

Note: residences with a secondary suite are not eligible to receive additional Garbage or Kitchen Scraps containers. All additional refuse must be labelled with an Extra Bag Decal on each extra bag.

Banned Items

The Hartland Landfill Facility, owned and regulated by the Capital Regional District (CRD), is the final destination for View Royal’s municipal garbage. Kitchen scraps are also disposed of at the Hartland Kitchen Scraps Transfer Station.

To maintain a safe and effective landfill, the CRD cannot accept certain items into the general landfill. There are also items that are accepted at the landfill but require a special permit for disposal.

As such, there could be items that you may expect to put in your regular garbage (including food waste) but may not be allowed.

Hartland Landfill Banned Items

Yard & Garden Waste

Yard and garden waste collection is not part of View Royal’s regular weekly curbside collection service. Not sure what to do with your yard and garden waste?

  • Waste Management completes an annual curbside collection of yard and garden waste in November of each year
  • A FREE OF CHARGE service, View Royal residents can take their yard waste to the Yard and Garden Waste Transfer Station facility in Esquimalt. Located at 605 Canteen Road, simply remember to bring proof of residency with you when you use this service.

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