New Skatepark at West Shore Parks & Recreation Centre

West Shore Parks & Recreation (WSPR) has announced plans to build a new 13,000 sq/ft skatepark on the grounds at West Shore Parks & Recreation Centre.

The Vancouver-based team of New Line Skateparks, in partnership with van der Zalm + associates, Canada’s most experienced municipal skatepark design-build team, has been selected as the Project Manager through a recently completed RFP process administered by WSPR staff and Westshore Skatepark Coalition members.

The new park scheduled for completion in March 2023 will replace the previous Belmont Skatepark which was the only other skate park in the Westshore and was torn down in 2015 for site redevelopment.

“Since October 2015, our Westshore communities of almost 84,000 residents have been missing a key piece of recreational infrastructure for our youth. We are now able to move forward with our plans to create a 13,000 square foot multi-use space for our youth in collaboration with the users and our collective communities. Mental and physical health are intertwined, even more so for young minds; with this new infrastructure being brought to our communities we will once again have a safe gathering place for youth to socialize, be physically active and gain confidence as they develop their skills. As Chair of the West Shore Parks & Recreation Board of Directors, I am thrilled with the announcement and incredibly proud of our Staff for their perseverance to bring us to this point in time.” 
- Kyara Kahakauwila, West Shore Parks & Rec, Board Chair

For over six (6) years, a committed group of community members forming the Westshore Skate Park Coalition and WSPR Staff have advocated and fundraised for a park in the Westshore.

“On behalf of the youth and young at heart, the Westshore Skatepark Coalition is stoked to announce that we are finally at this stage. While our journey is not yet complete, the ending is oh so near, and we can’t wait to roll on some rad new terrain."
- Jimmy Miller, Westshore Skatepark Coalition President

The park will be a world-class skateable/rideable landscape destination that will feature a hybrid conceptual design aimed at being welcoming, inclusive, flexible, exciting, and memorable for all ages and abilities.

The conceptual design created in 2017 by New Line Skateparks can be viewed at

A video about the Westshore Skatepark Project is available at