Best in Bloom View Royal


Thank you to everyone who participated by nominating and voting for the many beautiful yards and gardens around Town. Council members delivered a $50.00 gift card to Canadian Tire to our Top 3 Best in Bloom View Royal winners - congratulations!


⭐39 Fenton Road


⭐527 Prince Robert Drive


⭐2316 Chilco Road


Be sure to take a Best in Bloom garden tour and check out our winners and nominated yards for yourself!

Best in Bloom Tour Map [PDF - 3 MB]

Best in Bloom View Royal Nominations

ID: Address: Neighbourhood:
Nominated for:
A 2316 Chilco Road Atkins Beautiful fence/partition with First Nations designs, and flower bed.
B 1502 Glentana Road Craigflower A wide variety of flowers on almost every inch of the front yard.
C 2775 Shoreline Drive Craigflower The front lawn has be replaced by several garden beds and three raised berms, and many people comment on how much they enjoy walking by it.
D 39 Fenton Road Harbour Beautiful landscaping, trees, shrubs and flowers. Owner takes such good care of this lovely yard; I admire it every day.

I love all the hydrangeas that surround the perimeter of the property and it is always so well kept and welcoming.
E 527 Prince Robert Drive Harbour A green and shady park like setting with striking splashes of colour.
F 126 Burnett Road Helmcken A luxurious yellow rhododendron, and the dahlias will not be too far behind. Always something lovely to see at this neighbour's yard. A sensational display of blooms in summer.
G 88 Caton Place Helmcken

Some late blooming rhododendrons along the fence line, reminding us that spring hasn't left yet!

H 98 Caton Place Helmcken

Always a spectacular show under the trellis, midsummer, but nature provided a best blooming lilac that you can see over the fence in the rear yard, to tide us over.

A beautiful meticulously cared for garden that can be seen from Helmcken Road.

I 242 Glenairlie Drive Helmcken Gorgeous flower beds and thriving lilac bush.
J 272 Glenairlie Drive Helmcken A lovely variety of what appear to be evergreen shrubs along the curb.
K 290 Island Highway Helmcken A most sensational dogwood tree in bloom.
L 180 Levista Place Helmcken A tasteful display of shrubbery and greenery.
M 33 Helmcken Road Hospital

The wisteria at Eagle Creek Village along the walkway from Quality Foods to liquor store...sensational!

N 80 High Street Hospital

What a large garden FULL of flowers and plants. Good work!