Best in Bloom View Royal


The Town of View Royal invites you to participate in our Spring garden contest: Best in Bloom View Royal! Starting Friday, May 5, 2023, the Town will receive nominations for addresses in View Royal for beautiful lawns, breathtaking flowers, creative shrubbery, etc.

After nominations, the public will submit their votes for addresses they think deserve to be recognized as Best in Bloom View Royal. Council members will then deliver prizes to the top 3 addresses!

How To Participate:

1. Nominate an Address

Have you seen a garden in View Royal worthy of recognition? Nominate a View Royal address by Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Anyone can nominate; you can even nominate your own address! All addresses must be located in View Royal.

The Nomination Period is now closed.

2. Take a Best in Bloom Tour

Take a tour around View Royal to check out the Best in Bloom nominations for yourself.
*Note: please respect owner's privacy; no trespassing on private property.

3. Vote for Best in Bloom View Royal 

Vote for all your favourites from the list of nominations for Best in Bloom View Royal 2023! 

The Voting Period is now closed.

🌷🌷Thanks to all who participated in our Spring garden contest, Best in Bloom View Royal. Winners will be announced soon with prizes awarded for the top 3 addresses!🌷🌷

Best in Bloom View Royal Nominations

ID: Address: Neighbourhood:
Nominated for:
A 2316 Chilco Road Atkins Beautiful fence/partition with First Nations designs, and flower bed.
B 1502 Glentana Road Craigflower A wide variety of flowers on almost every inch of the front yard.
C 2775 Shoreline Drive Craigflower The front lawn has be replaced by several garden beds and three raised berms, and many people comment on how much they enjoy walking by it.
D 39 Fenton Road Harbour Beautiful landscaping, trees, shrubs and flowers. Owner takes such good care of this lovely yard; I admire it every day.

I love all the hydrangeas that surround the perimeter of the property and it is always so well kept and welcoming.
E 527 Prince Robert Drive Harbour A green and shady park like setting with striking splashes of colour.
F 126 Burnett Road Helmcken A luxurious yellow rhododendron, and the dahlias will not be too far behind. Always something lovely to see at this neighbour's yard. A sensational display of blooms in summer.
G 88 Caton Place Helmcken

Some late blooming rhododendrons along the fence line, reminding us that spring hasn't left yet!

H 98 Caton Place Helmcken

Always a spectacular show under the trellis, midsummer, but nature provided a best blooming lilac that you can see over the fence in the rear yard, to tide us over.

A beautiful meticulously cared for garden that can be seen from Helmcken Road.

I 242 Glenairlie Drive Helmcken Gorgeous flower beds and thriving lilac bush.
J 272 Glenairlie Drive Helmcken A lovely variety of what appear to be evergreen shrubs along the curb.
K 290 Island Highway Helmcken A most sensational dogwood tree in bloom.
L 180 Levista Place Helmcken A tasteful display of shrubbery and greenery.
M 33 Helmcken Road Hospital

The wisteria at Eagle Creek Village along the walkway from Quality Foods to liquor store...sensational!

N 80 High Street Hospital

What a large garden FULL of flowers and plants. Good work!

Best in Bloom Tour Map [PDF - 3 MB]