Archives & Heritage

The Town of View Royal, home to some of the oldest buildings in the capital region, is rich in heritage.

Step back in time at one of Canada's National Historic Sites. Completed in 1856, the Craigflower Manor site was one of four original farms set up by the Hudson's Bay Company as part of their obligations in settling Vancouver Island. The site housed the McKenzie family in the Manor as well as twenty other dwellings, a saw mill, a flour mill, a blacksmith's shop, a brick kiln, slaughterhouse and a general store. The companion adjacent site, Craigflower Schoolhouse (c. 1855), is sited across a municipal border. The two properties are located at the intersection of Admirals Road, Craigflower Road and Island Highway.

As Victoria grew in population, people developed seasonal cottages along the Town's shoreline to serve as "get-aways". Many of these quaint structures remain and have been converted into year-round residences. 

Businesses blossomed, capturing the new residents and through traffic.

Among the heritage buildings in View Royal are two historic "road houses" or pubs that have been serving patrons for approximately fifteen decades each. Both the Four Mile House and the Six Mile Public House have strong histories of serving patrons in their historic, landmark buildings located on Island Highway. 

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