Hart Road Lime Kiln

The Hart Road Lime Kiln is situated along Hart Road in the Town of View Royal. The kiln is located on a slight rise, thirty feet from the west side of the newly widened Hart Road, and set against a steep slope of rock outcrop.

The site and the kiln itself are currently covered in brush and trees. The surrounding larger property is under development. A new, black chain-link fence has been built on three sides of the kiln site, providing security for the kiln structure itself.

The kiln, constructed in the early 1900s, is a type known as a "vertical lime kiln." The kiln is formed of two distinct parts: a rubble stone base about 12 feet square, varying in height from 4 feet to 8 feet, and an upper circular brick chimney clad in sheet metal, approximately 14 feet in height.

The kiln was abandoned in the 1940s and is currently derelict and deteriorating. The heritage value of the lime kiln has been recognized by the Town, which acquired the site and planned for its preservation. The site is dedicated as parkland, as part of the larger surrounding development. The kiln will be conserved, and the history of the Hart Road Lime Kiln is to be interpreted.

The Hart Road Lime Kiln Conservation Plan [PDF - 9.6 MB] provides a framework for what can be undertaken at the site, including site development and interpretation. The goal of the Conservation Plan is to identify appropriate measures to preserve and stabilize the historic lime kiln and to propose an interpretation plan for public education and enjoyment. An interdisciplinary project team under the leadership of heritage consultant Donald Luxton & Associates Inc. was retained to carry out historic research and site assessments in order to understand the historic evolution, heritage values, character-defining elements and physical condition of the structure.

The consultant's assessment reports are included in the Conservation Plan. Conservation recommendations are based on Parks Canada's Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada (2010). The Conservation Plan can be used to establish support policies for the protection, preservation and interpretation of the historic Hart Road Lime Kiln.