Light Up View Royal

In December, View Royal residents were encouraged to Light Up View Royal by decorating their homes and businesses for a chance to win a special prize delivered by members of Council.

There were a total of 20 nominations submitted for best outdoor Christmas light display in View Royal. The top three winning addresses included (in alphabetical order):

Winning Address: Nominated for:
⭐ 277 Kerwood St

High tech modern expression of holiday season best wishes - unique - have to watch it for a few minutes to see the changing images.


A full light show playing that is linked to classic Christmas songs!

⭐ 550 Prince Robert Dr Heard about it and drove by to see for myself WOW. It's extremely festive & obviously took a lot of creativity to make some of the hand made characters!

The family at 550 Prince Robert Drive work hard on putting their Christmas display together. Many of the decorations are homemade! My friends and I feel so Christmassy when we walk by this display. It's awesome!

⭐ 194 Werra Rd

Classic Christmas done right! Holiday movies every night on the big screen and tons of lights!


So unique, has a large film screen, plays Christmas shows/movies, Also a large variety of decorations from vintage to new!

Congratulations to all the winning addresses, and thanks to everyone for participating in Light Up View Royal!