Habitat Restoration Project


Introduction to Invasive Species in View Royal

Invasive exotic plants from other countries or regions have the potential to negatively impact humans, animals and habitats. They are able to spread rapidly and compete with native plants for space, sunlight, water and nutrients. Some may displace, kill or even prevent native plants from growing in an area. Many exotic species are also harmful to people and pets.


The problems that invasive plants create, both ecologically and economically, is reason enough for us to be proactive and remove them from our gardens and public parks. Left un-checked, invasive species may take over by out-competing native vegetation, threatening our natural ecosystems, and reducing habitat for wildlife.


Invasive species that are threatening rare habitats in View Royal’s parks include:

*English Ivy                 *Himalayan Blackberry            *English Holly          *Many others!          
*Scotch Broom             *Daphne/Spurge Laurel           *Parrot's Feather

Volunteer with us!

Under the direction of the Habitat Restoration Coordinator, the View Royal Habitat Restoration Program unites volunteers to remove invasive plants from our parks to keep our habitats healthy. Our dedicated team of enthusiastic volunteers work together to:

  • Remove invasive plants and litter
  • Improve wildlife habitat
  • Monitor restoration progress
  • Plant native plants (seeds, bulbs, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc.)       
  • Educate others about View Royal's parks &natural areas, invasive species and native species

Some of the benefits of volunteering with us:

  • Meet like-minded people and work as part of a team;
  • Exercise your body and mind while making a positive contribution to your community;
  • Learn more about nature and how to provide care for the parks you love;
  • Help rejuvenate wildlife habitat;
  • Develop habitat restoration knowledge and skills;
  • Explore potential green career options, and use these opportunities as experience on your resume;
  • Receive a snazzy Volunteer View Royal t-shirt after your third work party!

How do I become a habitat restoration volunteer?

  1. Check the schedule of upcoming work party events (see schedule below);
  2. Choose an event that works for your schedule and drop by for as much time as you have available;
  3. Be sure to dress for the weather in work clothes and wear sturdy footwear. We’ll provide gloves, tools, training, snacks and refreshments;
  4. Fill out a liability waiver form at your first work party (required once per year).

Note: participants under 16 years old are welcome, but must be closely supervised by an adult caregiver. Please leave pets at home.

Does your group want to help?

We welcome all groups (schools, businesses, faith groups, neighbourhood organizations, etc.) and can design a special event to suit your needs, or include your group in a regular event. Either way, please contact the Habitat Restoration Coordinator well in advance so we can plan the event and to ensure that there are enough tools and refreshments.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities CANCELLED.

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out what the program has been up to in 2021 HERE

Dates: Times: Park/Area: Meeting Place:

*Events in collaboration with the Greater Victoria Green Team

Work parties are also posted on the Events page and Facebook page

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