Centennial Park Playground Replacement

Last spring, the Town opened an online survey to collect responses on what playground option the public would choose for new equipment at Centennial Park. After collecting the many responses, Option 4 was the clear choice! The Town is pleased to announce that the new playground area in Centennial Park is NOW OPEN!

The new equipment includes many fun features for both older and younger kids; climber bars, slides, swings (incl. an expression swing), spinner, and a large zipline! (click to enlarge pictures below)

*Note: To access the playground, please walk around the outside of the tennis and basketball courts. Please do not shortcut through the fenced off construction area. It is very muddy with standing water, and walking through this will track mud onto the playground equipment making it unpleasant for everyone to use. Also, there are a couple of swings missing due to the last bit of concrete to be completed soon (weather permitting).

All playground equipment is ready for families to enjoy!

Not sure where Centennial Park is located? Click here to view our Parks & Trails Map (it's #3 on the map).

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