Resident Tree Planting Program

The Town of View Royal's Resident Tree Planting Program encourages residents to contribute to View Royal’s urban canopy within their private property.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible for the Resident Tree Planting Program if you answer YES to all these questions:

  • Do you own a home in View Royal?
  • Do you have extra outdoor green space suitable for tree planting?
  • Are you able to plant and care for a new tree(s) on your property long-term?

What is the Cost?

The Resident Tree Planting Program is 100% free for participants; there is no cost to residents. The Program is entirely funded through income received through the Town's tree removal permitting process.

How do I Apply?

Applying to participate in the Resident Tree Planting Program is easy! Simply complete the Application Form [PDF - 798 KB] and submit it to the Town for consideration. Completed applications can be submitted:

Apply at any time! There is no deadline for applications.

What Happens Next?

  • Once the Town reviews your application, staff will be in touch to discuss suitability for the size and type of tree(s) requested and confirm your order;
  • You will need to complete a BC One “Call Before you Dig” request to ensure that trees are not planted over underground utilities by calling 1-800-474-6886 or;
  • The Town will arrange for the purchase and delivery of your tree(s) to Town Hall;
  • You will pick-up, plant and care for your new tree(s). Consider renting a tree watering bag from the Town to help your new tree(s) stay well watered;
  • Once you have planted your tree(s), take some photos and email them to

Additional Information: