Tree Protection Bylaw

In response to the declared climate action emergency, and in alignment with the Town of View Royal’s Strategic Plan, Council adopted Tree Protection Bylaw No. 1069, 2022 to recognize the loss of tree canopy through the regulation of the cutting, removal and damage of trees. 

Updates to the Tree Protection Bylaw

The list of Protected Trees has been amended to include the following protections: 
  • Shore Pine has been added as a protected species;
  • replacement trees;
  • any tree with evidence of a nest used by raptors (e.g. eagles, hawks, owls), osprey, or a heron colony;
  • trees planted or retained as a requirement of a subdivision, development permit or building permit; and
  • trees on Town-owned property.
The list of Protected Trees has been amended to remove the following protections:
  • Sequoia and Coast Redwood trees have been removed from the list of protected species;
  • Pruning/altering the branch of a protected tree up to 10 cm no longer requires a permit provided the work is completed by an ISA certified arborist;
  • Emergency removal notice, including photos, is now required by the next business day;
  • The protection setback area from a watercourse (ocean or freshwater) has been increased from 15 metres to 30 metres;
  • The replacement tree cost for cash-in-lieu (i.e. where a replacement tree cannot be accommodated on a property) has been increased from $100/$150 to $500 per replacement; and
  • The replacement tree exemption for protected trees located within the building envelope, as approved under building plans/permits, has been removed and now will require replacement trees at a 2:1 ratio. 

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