Atkins Road at Six Mile Road Roundabout

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A single-lane roundabout is being constructed at the intersection of Six Mile Road at Atkins Road. The project is identified in the Town’s 2008 Transportation Master Plan and 2020 Six Mile Corridor Study and approval granted by View Royal’s Council at their September 5, 2023 meeting. The cost of construction is $2.96M, funded in part by the Federal Community Works Fund, ICBC Road Improvement Program, and internal Development Cost Charges Reserve and Casino Reserve funds.




Thetis Lake Overflow Parking Lot

Access to the Thetis Lake Overflow Parking Lot (80 Atkins Rd) will be impacted throughout the construction of the roundabout.

The parking lot will remain open to the public during the first phase of construction (November 2023 - January 2024); some parking spaces will be occupied by the contractor during this time. After January 2024, the lot will be closed for the remainder of the project and vehicle owners will be expected to find appropriate parking elsewhere.

Traffic Pattern Change

A single lane alternating traffic pattern can be expected throughout construction outside the hours of 3:00pm - 6:00pm. Please plan for alternate routes and expect delays when travelling through the area.