View Royal Park - Bike Pump Track

The new bike park is now open in View Royal Park! The paved track provides a continuous circuit of rollers, berms and jumps that loops back on itself allowing a continuous ride with little to no peddling. Grab your bike and come check it out!

Bike Track Grand Opening - Sept 14, 1pm-3pm

You are invited to the Bike Track Grand Opening at View Royal Park on Saturday, September 14, 1pm-3pm. Rain or shine, come join us for ribbon cutting, cake, and bike skills training provided by The Cycling Co.!

The Cycling Co. is Vancouver Island's premier mountain bike skills school. Led by former Canada Cup Mountain Bike Champion and National Team member, Adam Walker, The Cycling Co. provides skill instruction for riders from ages 8 to 80. At the event, Adam and his team will be providing a fun bike skills coaching session for everyone interested!

See you there!


Bike Track Location & Design

The bike track is located in View Royal Park, off Pheasant Lane. Click here for a map showing View Royal Park.


Bike Track Instructions & Safety

The bike track includes line painting that indicates:

  • track direction;
  • beginner track route (green arrows);
  • intermediate track route (blue arrows); and
  • track boundaries (red lines).

For your safety, please read and follow these safety guidelines when using the track:

  1. The bike track is unsupervised; ride at your own risk. Children under 10 years old should be supervised by a parent or guardian.
  2. Helmets are MANDATORY; protective padding is also strongly recommended.
  3. Follow all directional signage.
  4. Before riding, always inspect your equipment or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic.
  5. Bike track features can be dangerous in any weather condition.
  6. Ride within your abilities; do not attempt any of the features unless you have sufficient ability and skill to do so safely.
  7. Remain aware of other users at all times; be safe and courteous.

Bike Track Updates & Notices

August 27, 2019: The bike track now includes new track painting that indicates track direction, beginner route (green arrows), intermediate route (blue arrows), and track boundaries (red lines)! The bike park will be closed Wednesday, August 28 from approx 7:00am - 9:30am for some track maintenance. We'll re-open as soon as crews are finished!


August 20, 2019: The bike track is open and being enjoyed by bike riders of all ages! If you are planning to head to the park, it is a good idea to walk/bike to the track because, due to its popularity, vehicle parking is limited. Crews will also be completing some track painting today; the track will be closed from approximately 11:00am - 3:00pm.

August 16, 2019: While we are in the final stages of completion, the bike track will be open starting TODAY at approx. 4:30pm for riders to enjoy!  Important notes:

  • Please enter the track by the pathway next to the playground. Do not short cut over the fences;
  • The track will be closed periodically as needed to complete remaining works;
  • Please respect workers and follow their directions;
  • Have fun and enjoy the track!

August 12, 2019: The bike track is now paved! Crews still need to do some grading on the sides to make it safe in case riders veer off the track. We are working to have the track open by the end of week. Until then, a reminder to please stay off the track; we will let you know when it is ready for everyone to enjoy!

July 31, 2019: Exciting bike track update: one of our bike experts did a test run of the outer loop as crews continue to fine tune the bike track. Track paving is anticipated to start next week. The bike park remains closed, so please stay off the track until it's ready! Check out the video at:!


July 18, 2019: Construction is on schedule for the new bike pump track! As the track starts to take shape, people may want to try it out, but riding now is unsafe and will cause project delays as crews begin grading to prep for paving. Please encourage others to stay off the track or report misuse to 250-479-6800.

July 3, 2019: Work has begun on the new bike track at View Royal Park!


Bike Park Background

During the 2018-2022 financial plan deliberations, Council set aside $50,000 in 2018, and $100,000 in 2019 as a placeholder to fund a bike track in View Royal Park, subject to public consultation. The Town collected feedback from the public and received a total of 435 responses voting YES to having a bike track in View Royal Park (off Pheasant Lane).

The clear choice of various bike park options presented in the survey was a pump track. A pump track provides a continuous circuit of rollers, berms and jumps that loops back on itself allowing you to ride continuously with little to no peddling (see below for example). 

A pump track:
*Is great for all ages;
*Is popular with most kids;
*As skills grow, the track rides differently;
*Is able to sustain interaction with various skill level riders;
*Can also be used for scooters and skateboards;
*Is quiet (other than kids having fun).

To help choose the best track concept for the Town, staff created a track committee consisting of several volunteers including the bike park manager, a Team BC mountain bike coach, and a professional bike rider. The track committee agreed that a paved track with a “Concept B” design would work best for the new bike park. Click here to view the full Committee of the Whole report.


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