Building Permits

Building Inspection

Building permits are required when creating, changing, altering or adding to structures. Building permits and inspections ensure the health, safety and protection of persons and property by confirming that buildings and their systems conform to relevant bylaws, the BC Building Code, and other applicable standards. 

A building permit is required for:

  • Construction of new buildings (residential, commercial, industrial), accessory buildings, building additions, decks, retaining walls (over 1.5m);
  • Interior renovations beyond cosmetic changes (i.e. moving/adding walls, installations of new bathrooms, etc);
  • Completing an unfinished basement;
  • Enclosing a porch, deck or carport;
  • Moving a building;
  • Demolishing a building;
  • Changing the occupancy of a building or part thereof;
  • Upgrading for a secondary suite. 

Have a look at our Guide to Building Permits [PDF - 523 KB] for details about how to obtain a building permit.

Building Permit Application [PDF - 146 KB]

Plumbing Permit Application [PDF - 128 KB]

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