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Candidates for MAYOR

David Screech

 1256 Burnside Road West




 Mayor David Screech


 Nomination Documents [PDF - 5 MB]

Sid Tobias

 115 Conard Street




 Sid Tobias


 Sid Tobias

 Nomination Documents [PDF - 7 MB]


Candidates for COUNCILLOR

Don Brown

 #4-199 Atkins Road




 Donald Brown

 Nomination Documents [PDF - 7 MB]

Judy Estrin

 2422 Lund Road



 Nomination Documents [PDF - 8 MB]

Damian Kowalewich



 View Royal Councillor Damian Kowalewich


 Nomination Documents [PDF - 5 MB]

Gery Lemon

 276 Pallisier Avenue



 Gery Lemon, View Royal Council

 Nomination Documents [PDF - 4 MB]




 Alison MacKenzie


 Nomination Documents [PDF - 6 MB]

Ron Mattson

 284 Pallisier Avenue




 Nomination Documents [PDF - 7 MB]

John Rogers

 525 Prince Robert Drive




 Nomination Documents [PDF - 4 MB]


Candidates for School Trustee

School District 61

Please see website: School District 61

School District 62

Please see website: School District 62

NOTE: The majority of View Royal residents will vote for trustees in School District 61. The School District No. 62 catchment includes 13 addresses in the McKenzie Lake area west of Pike Lake. These addresses are located on Bate, Barker, Herbate, Thanet and Westoby Roads. If you require specific addresses, please contact School District 62.

All Candidate Events

  • Event: View Royal All Candidates Forum
    Host: WestShore Chamber of Commerce
    Date, Time, Location: Thursday, September 29, 6:30pm - 8:45pm, Zoom Meeting
    Details: watch the recording of the All Candidates Forum at https://t.co/SmEimQjz8g

  • Event: View Royal All Candidates Meet & Greet
    Host: View Royal Community Association
    Date, Time, Location: Tuesday, October 4, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, 279 Island Highway.
    Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/414405014176171/?ref=newsfeed 

Election Notices