Development Permit Applications

The following is a list of active development permit applications and development permit applications completed in the last six months. The drawings below are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent approval by Council.

Address: Applicant:

1705 Island Hwy

Lot 1, Section 1 & 104, Esq Dist, Plan 43982

N Squared Architecture

1124 Fort St

Victoria, BC V8V 3K8

Description: Application for an existing building fire restoration.
Status: Under Review Site Plan [PDF - 97 KB]
File: DP 2021-12  


Address: Applicant:

315 Stewart Avenue

Lot 6, Section 8, Esq Dist, Plan 1688

Greg Roberts

607-2854 Peatt Rd

Victoria, BC  V9B 0W3

Description: Application to replace retaining walls within the 15m setback
Status: Under Review

Landscape Plan [PDF - 2 MB]

2021 07 06 Council Report

File: DP 2021-11  


Address: Applicant:

298 Island Hwy

Lot 1, Section 8, Esq Dist, Plan 35505

Ankenman Marchand Architects

1645 West 5th Ave

Vancouver, BC V6J 1N5

Description:  Application for a Six Storey mixed Use Building
Status: Under Review

Concept Drawing [PDF - 913 KB]

2021 07 13 COW Report

File: DP 2021-10  


 Address:  Applicant:

335 Stewart Avenue

Lot 17, Section 8, Esq Dist, Plan 1688

Brian Richards

335 Stewart Avenue

Victoria, BC  V9B 1R6

Description:  Application for dock storage.
 Status: Under Review

Site Plan [PDF - 327 KB]

2021 07 06 Council Report

 File: DP 2021-09  



1910 West Park Ln

Lot B, Sections 97&98, Esq Dist, Plan EPP92346

Broadstreet Properties Ltd

100 St. Anns Rd

Campbell River, BC V9W 4C4

Description: Application for retaining walls for slope stability on the property.
Status: Approved June 15, 2021

Plan [PDF - 957 KB]

2021 05 11 COW Report

2021 06 15 Council Report

 File: DP 2021-08  



2820 Shoreline Dr

Lot 19, Section 2, Esq Dist, Plan 11919

Splyce Design

723 East Hastings St

Vancouver, BC  V6A 1R3

Description: Addition to a Single Family Dwelling with a 1m overhang projects past the setback. In order to protect the exterior glazing from weather.
Status: Approved June 1, 2021

2021 05 11 COW Report

2021 06 01 Council Report

 File: DP 2021-07  



9 Erskine Ln

Lot B, Section 9, Esq Dist, Plan 26648

Westurban Developments

111-2036 S Island hwy

Campbell River, BC  V9W 0E8

Description: A mixed-use,multi family development consisting of four (4) five-storey apartment buildings with 336 market rental units.
Status: Approved June 15, 2021

Plan [PDF - 7 MB]

2021 04 13 COW Report

2021 06 01 Council Report

2021 06 15 Council Report

 File: DP 2021-06  



275 Kerwood Rd
Lot A, Block 12, Section 27, Plan EPP92154

Dennis Law
485 Hansen Ave
Victoria, BC   V9B 5V2

Description: Application for work within the 15m setback from a natural watercourse. Work to include a boathouse, dock and ramp as well as a variance to allow the construction of a retaining wall and a height variance from 1.2m to 1.52m.
Status: Approved June 4, 2021

Rendering [PDF - 836 KB]

2021 04 06 Council Report

 File: DP 2021-05  



7 Erskine Ln

Lot A, Section 93, Esq Dist, Plan VIP57062

VDA Architecture

3388A Tennyson Ave

Victoria, BC V8Z 3P6

Description: The proposal is to construct a 71-unit apartment building with under-building parkingTechnically it would be a six-storey building but it would take the general form of a four-storebuilding that steps two-storeys up the slope.
Status: Approved May 4, 2021

Plan [PDF - 3 MB]

2021 03 09 COW Report

2021 05 04 Council Report

 File: DP 2021-04  



221 Atkins Rd

Lot 1, Section 98, Esq Dist Plan 21115

D. McAllister

221 Atkins Rd

Victoria, BC V9B 2Z9


Description: Subdivision of one property into two additional lots.
Status: Under Review

Plan [PDF - 267 KB]

2021-05-11 COW Report

 File: DP 2021-03  



2379 Lund Rd

Lot A, Section 98, Esq Dist, Plan EPP55974

& Associates Inc
1815 Belmont Ave

Victoria, BC   V8R 3Z3

Description: Application for six townhouse units contained within three buildings. The application includes a variance for a retaining wall height in the front yard from 2m to 3.2m.
Status: Approved April 6, 2021

Landscape Plan [PDF - 1 MB]

2021 04 06 Council Report

File: DP 2021-02  



1950 West Park Ln

Lot A, Section 97 & 98, Esq Dist, Plan EPP92346

Limona Construction

1815 Belmont Ave

Victoria, BC V8R 3Z3

Description: Variance to the definition of “Grade” meaning the weighted average of the existing grade or finished grade, whichever is lower, immediately adjoining or immediately below each exterior wall of a building, except: localized natural depressions, localized depressions no wider than 10m for vehicle entrances, or localized depressions no wider than 5m for pedestrian entrances. TO: the finished grade as illustrated in the plans forming part of Development Permit 2021-01.
Status: Approved April 20, 2021

Plan [PDF - 610 KB]

2021 04 20 Council Report

File: DP 2021-01