Development Cost Charges

Development Cost ChargesNew development often leads to an increase in the demand for roads, drainage, sewer and parkland. To offset the increased demands in services that a new development creates on municipal infrastructure, View Royal collects Development Cost Charges (DCCs) directly from developers during the permitting approval process of a proposed development. DCCs are collected by View Royal for roads, sewer, drainage, parkland acquisition and parkland development. View Royal also collects DCCs on behalf for the Capital Regional District (CRD) Water Services for capital improvements to the water distribution system.

DCCs are applied as a one-time charge against residential, commercial and industrial developments. DCCs for residential development are collected at the time of subdivision for single family developments and at the building permit stage for multi-family, commercial or industrial developments.

View Royal's rates for Development Cost Charges are defined in the Town's Development Cost Charges Bylaw.

CRD Water Services rates for Development Cost Charges are defined by the Capital Regional District.