A subdivision is the legal mechanism by which new parcels of land are created. Subdivision is the division of land into two or more parcels. It is also the consolidation or re-alignment of existing lots and lot lines, and the creation of new strata lots.

The British Columbia Land Title Act requires that a municipal council appoint an individual to act as the Approving Officer for the approval or rejection of subdivision applications. This person acts in a judiciary manner and is independent of Council. The Approving Officer has considerable discretion in considering whether or not to approve an application for subdivision [PDF - 180 KB]. The Approving Officer takes into account topics like the current zoning and Official Community Plan [PDF - 14.6 MB] policies, the availability of servicing and access, provincial statutes and interests, and the public interest.

Servicing for new development is coordinated through the Engineering Department and requires certain permits and servicing design approval through Servicing Agreements for larger projects.