Finance & Technology

Finance DepartmentThe mandate of the Finance & Technology Department is to provide operational efficiency, financial planning and accountability through the application of sound accounting practices and internal control. Its powers, duties and functions include:

  • receiving all money paid to the municipality;
  • ensuring the keeping of all funds and securities of the municipality;
  • investing municipal funds, until required, in authorized investments;
  • expending municipal money in the manner authorized by Council;
  • ensuring the accurate records and full accounts of the financial affairs of the municipality are prepared, maintained and kept safe; and
  • exercising control and supervision over all other financial affairs of the municipality.

In addition, the Department seeks to achieve excellence in customer service through the efficient and effective use of technology and personal service.

The Finance & Technology Department plays a key role in six areas that are of interest to the public and is pleased to answer any enquiries in these areas:

  1. Financial plan development which meets the capital and operating needs of the community within the guidelines of the Town's Strategic Plan;
  2. Financial Statements;
  3. Property Taxes and utility fees calculation, notification and collection;
  4. Grants-in-Aid;
  5. Permissive Property Tax Exemptions; and
  6. Accounts payable and receivable.