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In View Royal, snowfall generally begins in the early evening and will have stopped by the morning. 

Accumulation of snow can vary from 2 to 6 inches (or more on rare occasions) with rain usually following snowfall within a few days.  There are exceptions where temperatures can drop after the original snowfall and the snow remains for longer.  On such occasions, despite the best efforts of a highly motivated crew, conditions can deteriorate, and roads can become treacherous. As our global climate changes, this seems to be happening more regularly.

The information below provides information on what to expect during freezing temperatures or snowfall events in View Royal. 


MOTORISTS are advised to practice defensive driving, use good snow tires and exercise caution at all times.

PEDESTRIANS are advised to walk on the left side of the road (facing traffic) on roadways lacking sidewalks or where the sidewalks are impassable due to snow. 


  • Property owners must clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property - Streets Bylaw No. 980, 2019
  • Be sure to arrange for help in advance if you plan to be away from your home or if you require assistance with snow and ice removal
  • We ask that you kindly help your differently abled neighbours who may need assistance with snow removal. 


Snowfall events can cause interruption to your regular services, such as:

  • garbage collection (Town of View Royal service)
  • recycling collection
  • transit services
  • mail delivery
In the event of a heavy snowstorm or icy road conditions, the Town’s garbage collection contractor may not be able to provide service to certain areas due to safety or access reasons. Missed garbage will be collected as soon as it is safe to do so.

*Please provide clear and safe access to garbage totes to ensure uninterrupted service 





The Town of View Royal makes use of Environmental Canada and meteorological services to monitor and predict when cold weather is coming 24/7.  When cold weather is predicted our crews are out pre-treating roads with de-icing brine.  We are responsible for keeping over 60 km of roads safe, which means we need to prioritize.  When freezing temperatures or snowfall is likely, our priorities are:  

  • First Priority - Emergency routes, routes with heavy traffic volumes, Municipal properties and frontages, BC Transit routes and bus stops, steep hills, school zones. 

  • Second Priority - All other public roads. 

Priority areas may be completed up to 72 hours after a snowfall, provided that the snow stops falling. If crews are in the process of clearing Second Priority areas and it starts snowing again, they will immediately return to clearing First Priority areas. 

In the event of a severe snowstorm, it could take up to seven days or more for crews to complete Third Priority areas. When contacting the Town, please allow us 72 hours to respond, or longer in the event of a severe snow storm. 



Your patience and cooperation is appreciated when our snow and ice control program is in operation.  The following tips are to assist you:

  • Cul-de-sacsCul-de-sacs play an important role in servicing our roads as they provide turnaround space for service and emergency vehicles as well as snow storage space. Vehicles parked within cul-de-sacs can obstruct the Town’s snow removal operations and prevent garbage and emergency services from accessing those property. 

  •  DrivewaysPlease place the snow on the right side of your driveway as you face the road. This will keep snow ploughs from filling your driveway as they clear the roads. Avoid pushing the snow from your driveway onto the road as this will add to the pack on the roads making snow removal more difficult. 
  • Parking Avoid parking your vehicle on the street or in a cul-de-sac. An empty street makes the passage of snow ploughs much easier and efficient. Parked vehicles that obstruct the Town’s snow removal work can be subject to fines and/or                                                                       towed away at the owner’s expense. 

  • Plan ahead and help your neighbours – Arrange for help in advance if you plan to be away from your home or if you require assistance with snow and ice removal. We ask that you kindly help your elderly or differently-abled neighbours who may need assistance with snow removal.  

  • Ploughing – Give snow plough operators as much room as possible. Do not attempt to wave down or step out in front of a salt truck or plough truck. Doing this will slow down snow removal operations and it presents a hazard both to yourself and the plough operator 

  • Private roads – The Town does not maintain private roads. Snow and ice removal are the responsibility of the property owner, be that a strata corporation, a housing co-operative, or a commercial landowner. 

  • Sidewalks Where possible, it is more practical to shovel sidewalks early and often. Fresh dry snow is lighter and therefore more manageable than wet, heavily packed, or partly melted snow. Property owners are expected to make their best efforts to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk fronting their property before 10 am each day. Freshly cleared sidewalks are unfortunately covered by snow from snow ploughs.

  • Stormwater Drainage – Catch basins play an important role when snow begins to melt. Please ensure any catch basins fronting your property are kept clear of snow and debris. Doing so will reduce the chance of flooding and ice on the road. 



1.  Am I responsible for clearing sidewalks outside my home?

Yes, property owners are responsible for ensuring that the sidewalks adjacent to their  properties are kept clear of snow and ice to the best of their ability.  Reference Streets  Bylaw No. 980 for more information.

2. Who do I notify about slippery roads and sidewalks?

    • First, determine if the road or sidewalk is public or private.
    • Next:
      • Private roads: the Town does not regulate winter operations on private infrastructure.  Concerns should be directed to the property owner, strata, etc.
      • Public roads and sidewalks fronting municipal property: Please direct these reports to the Engineering Department by calling 250-708-2278 or by e-mail to 
      • Sidewalks fronting private property: Please complete a Bylaw Complaint Form, along with any supporting photos, by e-mail to or in person at Town Hall

3. Who can I call if I have a question, request or complaint?

    • First, review the contents of this page;
    • if you still require assistance, please contact the Engineering Department by calling 250-708-2278 or by e-mailing 
    • Note that the Engineering office can be extremely busy during winter weather events.  Correspondence may be triaged to ensure the most urgent matters are attended to first

4. Will by garbage or blue box recycling be collected when it snows?

    • Garbage The Town's garbage contractor will endeavour to continue collection, provided it is safe to do so.
      • In the event that collection will be delayed, staff will post a Public Notice to the Town's website.
      • If your garbage is missed and you do not see a Public Notice for your area, please send an e-mail to to report the missed collection.
    • Blue Box Recycling This service is coordinated through the Capital Regional District (CRD).  Please contact the CRD by calling 250-360-3030 for more information