Home Owner Grant

Provincial home owner grants are available to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who reside permanently in British Columbia. The Province of BC Home Owner Grant Program is designed to help home owners reduce their property taxes. 

  • The regular grant (also called basic grant) may reduce your taxes by as much as $570
  • Or the additional grant which may reduce your taxes by as much as $845 
All home owners must submit their home owner grant applications directly to the Province. Residents of View Royal no longer apply through the municipal office.

Apply for your Home Owner Grant

  • Apply online: gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant
  • Apply via phone: voice recognition self-serve application by calling toll-free 1-888-355-2700
  • You will need your jurisdiction number, and roll number displayed on the top right corner of your property tax notice.  You will also need your social insurance number
  • Payment of taxes is not a requirement to claim the grant but your application must be made on or before the tax due date to avoid a 10% penalty

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