Property Tax Prepayment Plan

The property tax prepayment plan is an optional preauthorized payment plan that allows taxpayers to make 10 equal monthly prepayments for next year's estimated property taxes.

  • Preauthorized payments start August 15 and continue to be withdrawn on the 15th of each month until May 15 of the year in which current taxes are due.
  • Any outstanding property tax balance remaining, being the difference between the current year property taxes and the total amount of the prepayments, is due on the current year property tax due date.
  • Simple interest is calculated daily at the rate equivalent to 3% below the Town banker's prime rate (minimum 0.25%) and credited to the property tax account each year and applied to outstanding property taxes.

To Calculate Your Maximum Monthly Prepayment

Current Property Tax Payable (Column A, B or C) from your Property Tax Notice = $_____________
Divide by 10 = Maximum Monthly Prepayment $ __________

  • Example: Column B of Property Tax Notice = $2,842.63
    Divide by 10 = Maximum Monthly Prepayment $284.26 

Note: you can register to make smaller monthly prepayments, but your prepayments cannot exceed the Maximum Monthly Prepayment.

There will likely be a balance still owing on the property tax due date as the calculation for the Maximum Monthly Prepayment does not include consideration of changes in property assessments or tax rates.

How to Register

  1. Complete and sign the Property Tax Prepayment Application Form [PDF - 62 KB]
  2. Submit your application with a void cheque or bank-issued account information to the Town of View Royal by July 31 to start your payments August 15*

*If you submit your application after July 31, you can still join the property tax prepayment plan. Prepayments will start the following month.

Existing Property Tax Prepayment Plan Members

If you wish to continue prepaying your property taxes through the property tax prepayment plan, your current property taxes must be paid in full and the home owner grant claimed by the property tax due date shown on the property tax notice.

Claim your Home Owner Grant

If your eligibility for the provincial home owner grant changes, you must notify the Town of View Royal as this will change your monthly prepayment amount.

To Cancel your Property Tax Prepayment Plan

To stop your monthly prepayments, complete the Property Tax Prepayment Cancellation Form [PDF - 59 KB] (also located at Canadian Payments Associationwebsite) and return to the Town of View Royal:

Monthly prepayments will be stopped effective the next month.

Any prepayments and accrued interest are non-refundable and can only be applied to outstanding property tax amounts.