Tax Sale

If a property within the Town of View Royal has delinquent taxes owing against it, the municipality will begin proceedings to recover those costs through its annual tax sale.

The tax sale is a public auction held each year on the last Monday of September. If the last Monday in September is a holiday, the annual tax sale must instead be held on the next Monday that is not a holiday.  At the time of a tax sale, a list of all properties for auction is available from the Town.

Should a property be sold at a tax sale, the registered owner has one year from the date of the tax sale to redeem the property. If the property is not redeemed within the one year period, the title transfers to the successful bidder.

What are delinquent taxes?

On December 31st of each year the current taxes (including user fees), interest and penalties unpaid for that year are transferred to arrears taxes. Any previous years' outstanding taxes (arrears taxes) plus interest and penalties are transferred to delinquent taxes.

For example:

  • 2024 taxes are “current” taxes;
  • 2023 taxes are “arrears” taxes; and
  • 2022 taxes are “delinquent” taxes.

What interest rate is charged on arrears and delinquent taxes?

Arrears and delinquent taxes bear interest as prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Province of British Columbia) pursuant to Section 11(3) of the Taxation (Rural Area) Act until paid or recovered.

How will I be advised if my property is subject to a tax sale?

Property owners will be advised by mail in August of each year if their property is subject to tax sale proceedings. The letter will outline the outstanding taxes and interest to date and payment required to avoid a tax sale.

Payment Options